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Ministry Involvement in Nepal, India and Kenya, Africa!
Volume 59 #9

We are always happy to share the Good News of what God has done and is doing. All Honor, Glory and Praise belongs to God, our loving Heavenly Father! One thing Marge and I have learned in the 60 years of ministry, going to the Nations, that all Glory and Praise belong to God and without Him we could do nothing. Little did we know that God would take us to over 125 countries with the Good News of the Gospel. Yes, we had three prophecies that would happen in our lives and ministry and we are now in the third and last part of those prophecies in our lives and ministry. This month we are choosing these 3 countries that we are doing much to bring the Gospel to them. In the photos, top to bottom, is a photo of us. Then in photo 2: A Pastor Evangelist we are supporting with his family. He is a church planter both is Nepal and across the border in India. 3; Water baptismal in Nepal. 4: This young man comes to Christ, making Jesus Lord and Master of his life. 5: A new congregation in Nepal. In the two photos right: They are working hard to finish a girl’s orphanage in Kenya, Central Africa and it will look like the bottom right photo when finished. Our ministry has just sent $4,000.00 dollars to help them finish it. We thank God that we are able, from this ministry, to have a part in supporting orphanages and workers in a number of countries. Also, on the back of this report, we are still doing all we can in Ukraine. Of course we could not do any of this without folks like you. We thank God for all of you that pray and stand in faith with our faith ministry. Please turn over for more.


Ukraine Ministry Report: Page Two Churches feed and house thousands!
Churches continue to feed, house and distribute supplies to thousands in Ukraine. In the city of Kharkiv, one church we helped plan many years ago are feeding 750 people a hot meal daily. In addition, they distribute hundreds of food packages to the needy and help pastors in smaller towns to do the same. It is the donations of individuals like you who have generously given that keep these efforts going. The needs are greater than we know how to express. Our ministry through folks like you is helping us do this work. The Bible tells us in Romans 8:28 that all things work together for good. How can anything good come out of this war? Hundreds, if not thousands of Ukrainian people are coming to Christ. With months behind us, many outside of Ukraine have forgotten about this war. The news has moved on and so, understandably, people have also. While many have evacuated and therefore left churches, fresh people show up regularly. Many are choosing to be baptized. In some churches people cannot fit into the buildings and wait outside eagerly for a message of hope. People in distress are answering God's call. Praise the Lord! The Word we planted over the years is being harvested. In the photos top to bottom are as follows: 1: Church is packed, many outside. 2: Getting ready to be baptized. 3: A few share testimony. 4: Those outside hope to receive some food. 5: Overflow crowd outside the church, packed inside. This is happening all over Ukraine. Please pray for Ukraine and our ministry. God Bless you and yours is our daily prayer.

Tony & Marge Abram.

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