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VOL. 53 No. 2

It may be a very long journey from Eastern North America to Asia, but our most recent ministry to Japan was very precious.

Not only did we see our Japanese family of saints but the ministry was victorious.  Both Marge and I found that God gave us a strong anointing in the preaching of the Word, counseling, testifying and also Marge’s singing.

Good Samaritan Church, Kawanishi, Japan

Tony Abram with Aoki sensei.

The Japanese all over Japan love Marge’s anointed singing.  Since she cannot sing in Japanese, songs are translated and the words are put on Powerpoint for the people to understand what she is singing.  In the photo below right, you can see the words in the background.

Marge with Mipo sharing.

Marge singing with words in Japanese above.

Over the years we have helped a number of churches. ‘THE GOOD SAMARITAN CHURCH’ in the Osaka, Japan area, we helped with crusades in their beginnings, then dedicated their church, then the parsonage, later their school. (now from kindergarten to the twelfth grade)

Now they are beginning a 5 story Senior’s Home. It is being built right beside the church. They want us to come and dedicate it as well. They said they would even have one unit for us if ever we needed or wanted one.

They had made us honorary pastors of the church many years ago. I have never called myself an apostle. However, God has given me the privilege of doing apostolic work, from the ministry of preaching, leading souls to Christ, praying for the sick, to water baptism, wedding, funeral, ordination of Deacons, Evangelists, Pastors and setting Elders forth, etc.

This ministry is still the fastest growing Japanese church in Eastern Japan along with a number of outreaches and also church plants. Praise the Lord!

Marge with youngest child.

Marge sharing testimony

Then of course we had a wonderful time of ministry and fellowship with our dear friends Jim and Darla Snipe who have been missionaries in Japan for more than 25 years.  We have had the privilege of doing their ground breaking for their church, dedication of ‘The Good Samaritan Chapel’ and later the dedication of their Parsonage.

God is using them in Sumoto, Awaji Island. Their church building is like a city upon a hill as a testimony to the whole area. They have a good outreach through the children in the kindergarten.

Eating dinner with the Aoki family.

Cake for Aoki sensei and Yumiko sensei.
Same birthday date.

The Japanese want their children to learn to speak English.  Since their school is bi-lingual, the Snipes are using the school not only to win children to the Lord but through the children to reach the parents with the Gospel and win them also to Jesus.

So many testimonies over the years we can not share them all but here is one special one Marge shares. “I was ministering with a senior group with Martha, a young missionary for 12 years, now 29 years old, who interpreted and whom we had encouraged to come to Japan.

The Aoki family is like our own family.

Jim and Darla Snipe

I told how my grandfather and family had left from Ukraine to pioneer in Canada. 

He had never seen a Bible and was given one which he read every day. His family all came to know the Lord. He faithfully lived for the Lord. When he was 87 and hard of hearing, Grandma heard him talking to someone in the room.

She asked if he was talking to himself. He answered, “Don’t you see the angel in the doorway beside you?  He is telling me I am going to go to be with the Lord. I hear the most beautiful singing in heaven.”

He knelt down to pray in the spirit and went to be with the Lord. At this point, an elderly man on my right said, “I have been a Buddhist all my life and have never heard anything like this before! What must I do?”

Good Samaritan Chapel Sumoto, Awaji, Japan

Tony preaching and Darla interpreting.

I said that we must open our hearts to the Lord Jesus Christ and receive Him.

I had them all place their hands on their hearts and repeat the Sinner’s Prayer.  After a time of fellowship, we said our goodbyes and were putting on our shoes to leave, when I felt two arms squeezing me.

This was a woman I learned had never shown any response or emotion, with her head always down on her chest. What an absolute transformation! Only Jesus can set the captives free like this as the Holy Spirit works!”

Martha leads praise & worship.
Marge held Martha as a baby. Now she is a missionary for 12 years.

Jim grows big apples.  Almost 2 pounds!

Fellowship time with leaders and saints

Missionaries Martha from USA & Juliana from Taiwan.

Yet, Praise God, we have seen God change lives like this and do miracles all over the world for over 53 years!

It is because people like you pray. God bless you and yours is our daily prayer.

Please continue to pray for us and for these ministries.

We are workers together with God.

We love all our prayer partners.

Tony and Marge Abram

Darla and Juliana with Children


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