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Tony and Marge Abram have been sharing God's Good News for over 61 years!

The Congo, Africa Part One report of conference,
school of ministry, Bible College graduation,
International TV outreach and soul winning crusades!

Vol 51 No 7

We must begin this report with the words of John concerning the Works of Jesus...

And there are also many other things which Jesus did, the which, if they should be written every one, I suppose that even the world itself could not contain the books that should be written.
- John 21:25


This is how it appears as I begin this short report. The Lord did so much for us!

We traveled over 9,000 miles to get to the Congo but it was worth it all. 

We will try to share some highlights in this report.  In next month’s report we will emphasize the Soul-winning Crusades confirmed by not only hundreds coming forward to receive Christ nightly, but God also confirming His Word with healings and deliverances.

Marge and I joined up with my brother Frank Abram and his wife Barbara.  In fact it was through them that we were invited to The Congo to speak and teach along with soul-winning miracle crusade ministry.

They had been there several times in the past.  Our days were filled from early morning to late into the night teaching, preaching, sharing and praying for the people.

Tony, Marge, Barbara, and Frank Abram

Attending the Conference and School of Ministry, were leaders from all over French speaking Africa.

Tony Abram teaching.

Frank Abram teaching.

We had favor with the government as you can see on with the government as you can see in the pictures below. We are praying for ZOE Bible College used the Conference to graduate 71 two year students.

Praying for the Governor and his 70 million people.

Praying for the Minister of Finance of The Congo.

What an anointed graduation! God gave me a special Word of prophecy for the students. God willing, the four of us  plan to be with John Maasbach in Holland for some ‘50’ year anniversary crusades as we did 50 years ago. It was at that time we had 13 citywide  crusades across Holland  with his father Evangelist Johan Maasbach. 

Students and 71 Graduates at Graduation

Hundreds of ZOE students.

We were able to reach millions of French and English speaking Africans by way of the television outreach. We covered most of Africa and in addition, via the internet, even North America. God did great wonders even in the Conference. Many were healed as God gave me a Word to declare to the 500 plus workers. We give God all the Glory

John Maasbach

Sitting at head table with only water being served.
We all were drinking from the wells of Living Water.

Tony and Frank dedicating miracle baby.

We had the joy of dedicating a baby.  It was a miracle baby as the mother had 8 miscarriages before this child. It was through prayer by Brother Lukoki, below, who has a ministry of an apostle to the peoples of Congo.

Brother Lukoki

Pastor Wayne Gordon.

Joining us at the conference also from South Africa, was Pastor Wayne Gordon, left.

Who like us, is also a Lithuanian Jew and also has a wonderful testimony. He is the pastor of the parents of the miracle baby.

Helping Marge carry purse and accessories.

Conference, Bible School Graduation, TV and Crusade Ministry Team.

Papa’ 84 years of age.

Tony, Marge, Barbara and Frank Abram.

The theme of the Conference was ‘Redemption.’ Although, Marge and Barb are the singers, the four of us did sing for the workers as a quartet, the song ‘Redeemed.’

Television outreach to large part of Africa

Leaders carefully take notes.

One Pastor who shared was called ‘Papa.’ He was such a fiery preacher. We could scarcely believe he was 84 years old and going strong. My brother Frank has a wonderful ministry in teaching on Israel and Bible Prophecy. The well known TV minister Perry Stone received his calling to Bible Prophecy under Frank’s ministry in South Carolina many years ago. So much to write.

We trust the photos will help convey some our info. Watch for the great report next  month in our Good News Part Two. 

Your missionaries,

Tony and Marge Abram praying,  Third John Two for you and yours.


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