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Vol 44 #106

We entitle this report The Romanian Experience. The reason being many good and difficult things happened. We were convinced that the devil did not want us to be in Romania. As in Bulgaria, it had been over 25 years since Marge and I were in Romania. It also had changed very much. We were there during the time of the great record breaking heat wave. Officially it was 104F to 110F degrees, (over 42C) with people falling over and a number of deaths. It was unofficially reported that parts of the capital, Bucharest, reached 126F. (over 50C) The building where our seminar was held was packed with no air conditioning. I believe I saw a miracle in Marge?s Women's Seminar.
The hall was packed with women at night with it over 100F (40C) outside and hotter inside. Marge taught for 2 hours and one evening she prayed individually for all the women for over one and a half hours. When I looked at her she was not even perspiring. She said she did not feel the heat. I believe God gave her her very own personal air conditioning. Perhaps invisible angels were fanning her with their wings. She had a number of ladies healed and filled with the Holy Spirit. She taught on Women's Ministries and how God wants to use women today.


God used both Marge, Brother Harley Fiddler with his teaching on the Holy Spirit and my teaching on Evangelism during our ministry in Romania. The workers were blessed. In the meetings there was repentance, healings and people filled with the Holy Spirit. Marge also blessed the people with her anointed singing and they had an accordion which she played and sang. An interesting thing was that local Pastor Costel had seen our website at www.tonyabram.com and was praying and asking God how he could get us to come to Romania.

Then he was shocked when we arrived with Harley Fiddler that I was indeed the Tony Abram he was wanting to invite to Romania. He told this in the seminar with tears. We have also taken on one of his ministers at a new church plant with $100.00 support per month. Harley was attacked one early morning by a pack of wild dogs, (there is no animal control) while doing an early morning walk. I was able to patch him up and stop the bleeding until Pastor Costel drove us a hour to a clinic where they were able to clean, patch him up and give him rabies shots. He wanted me in the room with him and the doctor was talking in Romania, (which I know very little of, it seems to have some mixed Slavic and Latin words) Harley laying on his stomach, was looking intensively at me


He knows I understand a number of languages. He asked me what the doctor was saying. I wanted to lighten the mood. I said that he was saying he had both good news and bad news for him. Harley asked what the bad news was? I said that they think they may have to take the leg.

He looked at me with wide open eyes and asked what the good news was. I smiled and said that they think they have someone outside who wants to buy your shoe. He did not know if he wanted to laugh or strangle me. I further joked that we would have to watch him as this was Romania and the dogs may be from Transylvania. He laughed.

However, praise the Lord he has fully recovered without any infection! He said when they attacked, he shouted the Name of Jesus that most of the town should have heard him. I told him that God was looking after him, that if he would have fallen, they could have killed him after smelling and tasting blood.

To add to things, the last night we were there, we were hit by a tornado. Some people were killed and there was considerable damage. I believe the enemy was upset, but God gave us the victory. This is why we encourage you to pray for us. Pray for Romania.



Here is a little info: Romania is in Southeastern Europe, bordering the Black Sea, between Bulgaria and Ukraine and is slightly smaller than the state of Oregon.

The Central Transylvanian Basin is separated from the Plain of Moldavia on the east by the Carpathian Mountains and separated from the Walachian Plain on the south by the Transylvanian Alps.

Its population is 22,276,056. The Eastern Orthodox has 86.8%, Protestant (various denominations including Reform and Pentecostal) 7.5%, Roman Catholic 4.7%, other mostly Muslim. PRAY!


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