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We rejoice in telling you that we recently purchased or helped purchase 14 more buildings in Ukraine to be used as local churches.

This makes a total of 131 buildings you helped this ministry purchase in the former USSR since the walls of communism fell.

tony and marge
Tony and Marge Abram


- Building #118 Bozhkovo, Ukraine

This former Museum is now a church. We purchased it as one of our best buys ever.


Little did the leaders of communism dream that one day many of their Cultural Halls, Schools, Snack bars, Cafes, Post Offices, Theatres, Supermarkets, Stores, Houses and even other types of buildings would become Houses of Worship for local churches.
119 - Building #119 in Kozelshchina City

A former school, we purchased it for a local church.

- $2,130.00

Someone told me that Stalin and Lenin would roll over in their graves if they knew what was happening to their buildings. Schools that taught, “There is no God,” now are filled with the praises of God’s people.

None of these buildings are put in our names or the name of Abundant Life Crusades but rather in the name of the local church we purchased it for.

120 - Building #120 was a Café in Krasnoye Village, now a church we purchased

- $1250.00

Many of the local churches are churches we have planted or have helped plant through one of the workers that have gone through the three month Basic Bible Training School.

In last month’s ’Good News’ report we told of the opening of our 20th school in Ukraine.

121 - Building #121 in Medyanovka Village

We purchased the top floor of this Post Office

- $1180.00

The people are very poor and purchasing these buildings are a great blessing to them and to the Work of God. A good salary for a worker is $80.00 per month.
122 - This former store #122, we purchased for a local church in Gayeve, Ukraine

- $970.00

We are printing the 14 photos of the buildings in this ‘Good News Report.’  I would ask you to just place your hands on each one and ask God to bless them that they may be a Soul Winning Station for the Glory of God.
123 - Building #123

This large house and lot in Perv, Ukraine.

- $2,300.00

It is becoming more and more difficult to rent buildings to be used as churches as there is much opposition and it is not coming from the government.

About 80-90 per cent of all churches planted since the walls came down, are in rental buildings. This is a precarious position for the Church. Having their own building will protect them from being expelled from their location.

124 - Building #124 we purchased in Chervone Village for a church

- $1300.00

125 - Building #125, in Krasnopvlovica

- $1200.00

Pray that God will enable us to purchase more buildings for these precious new believers.

We are workers together with Christ and do appreciate all you have done to help us.

One other testimony is that almost all of the buildings are paid for at a total cost of $23,580.00.


- Building #126 in Krmnoarmeisk City, Donetsk.

- $2000.00

Marge and I want to be good stewards for the Kingdom of God.

It hurts us that money given to missions never reaches what it was intended.

Our daily prayer is that God would bless you and yours and that He would supply your every need. Your missionaries, Tony and Marge Abram.

127 - Buildings #127 in Pamymnik, Ukraine

- $1400.00

128 - Building #128 in Muodcnoye

- $1700.00

129 - Building #129, we purchased in Azovsoye, Village

- $2300.00

130 - Building #130 in Svetluye

- $1600.00

131 - School Building #131 in Dorozhnyanka, Zaporizhia, printed last month by mistake saying it was in Sadovoye.

- $2250.00


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