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Ukraine 2005
Volume XXXXII  No. 12

We were glad to once again be in Zaparesyia.  When we first came to the city 10 years ago, there were only a couple of churches.  We were able to plant a few and now there are over 20 in the city alone.  It was a joy to see the churches we planted growing, maturing and in turn planting other churches.  We also met Pastor (Bishop) Vassyl, a precious man of God. 

Nine years ago, we bought a large two-story building with over 2 acres of land in the city. It is in a very nice area and only cost  $4,500.00US. It is now used by all the churches in the area daily for prayer, youth activities, and a central office for all the churches in the province and is a great blessing to all. The cost to buy it now would be well over US$100,000.00. Praise God, we purchased it when we did!  We gave them $1,250.00 on this mission trip to help remodel a few more parts of the building.

This rally resulted in many souls won!

Tony Abram teaches in Bible School
with Alex the interpreter.

In addition we purchased, by faith, six more buildings in six different villages where six new churches have been planted. The new believers will remodel the houses into church buildings with seating up to a hundred or more. The total cost for the six buildings and lots was only US$5,280.00.

Praise God this makes a total of 92 buildings you have helped our ministry purchase in Ukraine, Russia and Belarus since the Wall of Communism has fallen. Each one now is a ?House of Prayer.? 

Another soul winning rally produces many souls for Christ!

Walter Zygarewicz interprets for Tony.

Tony, Walter and Bishop Vassyl.

In Zaparesyia we had some wonderful soul winning rallies. I preached up to 5 times in a single day with God giving many precious souls.  One Sunday, when I had preached 5 times, Brother Walter Zygarewicz shared and interpreted me in each meeting. It was a joy preaching in some of the churches we had previously planted. One of the churches we visited and ministered in was where Pastor Nicolai is the pastor. We supported him when we first planted this church about 10 years ago. His church is doing very well.  He calls the church the ?Abundant Life Church? because our church-planting crusade called ?Abundant Life Crusade.? They even have a photo of Marge and I in their church and they say they pray for us. It touched our hearts. Walter Zygarewicz did all the interpreting for the soul winning rallies and Pastor Alex of the local Messianic Church is doing it for the school.

Nicolai, Pastor of growing church we planted 8 years ago in Zaparesyia.

Pastor Dick Mills of Houston, Texas joined me
to teach at the school

Pastor Vassyl has been trying to get Walter and us to come to Zaparesyia with a school for a number of years.  We felt it was now God?s time. It is hard to believe that this is the 15th Leadership School we have co operated with Walter Zygarewicz in Russia and Ukraine in the past dozen years. This is the second school this year. Our ministry has committed to help with $2,500.00 for this school. It is so satisfying to know that over 1,000 students have gone though the schools and that over 90% are in ministry. When we can win (train) soul winners, we move from the addition of souls to the multiplication of souls in God?s Kingdom. Within 3 months, Marge and I hope to help Walter graduate about 120 more of these new leaders we are training. We pray God will raise up the 5-fold ministry, (Eph 4:11 And he gave some, apostles; and some, prophets; and some, evangelists; and some, pastors and teachers;) from them regardless of the ministry, God calls them to be soul winners. (Luke 10:2 KJV) Therefore said he unto them, The harvest truly is great, but the labourers are few: pray ye therefore the Lord of the harvest, that he would send forth labourers into his harvest. Continue to pray for Marge and I, that we will ever follow the leading of the Lord. The prayer I prayed early in my ministry many years ago, is still the prayer I pray today. ?Lord, help to go where you want me to go, help to do what you want me to do and help me to say what you want me to say!? God bless you and yours is our daily prayer! PTL!

Zaparesyia, Ukraine Basic Bible Training School Class of 2005!

We purchased this building and lot
in Derevky, Poltava for only $900.00.

We purchased this building and lot for a church
in Sidorache, Poltava for $800.00.

This house was purchased with the lot covered with trees
in the village of Mlynky, Poltava, Ukraine for $880.00.

For the sum of $1,000.00 we purchased this building and lot
in Rublivka, Poltava Province.

In the village of Mihailovka, Paltava we purchased
this house and lot for a church for only $920.00.

This empty building was a great buy for a church
in Bilsk, Poltava for only $780.00.


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