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Graduation, Ministry, Buildings, Souls,
& Miracle Mission Report on Ukraine!

Volume XXXIX No. 7 (April 2002)

After 30 hours of traveling by car and airplane with a very short night we began our ministry the next day. A man died on the way from Frankfurt, Germany to Kiev, Ukraine. Walter Zygarewicz had to do translating for the airlines as they made an emergency landing in Prague, Czech. Not one of the flight crew could speak Russian or Ukraine. Walter then had to break the news to the family of the man who were waiting at the airport in Kiev.

You never know what opportunities might arise on any Mission trip.

packed halls
Halls are packed with precious Slavic people in Ukraine.
Sometimes we felt like being in a sardine can!

coming to Christ
Tony Abram leads souls to Christ in every meeting. PTL!

We were in Ukraine to help Brother Walter graduate the 11th three-month Bible Training School. This year we had 148 students that were graduating.

Also, there were many more that just came everyday to listen and learn. We believe that this is the best class we have had in the former USSR.

Another interesting thing happening during our teaching on evangelism and discipleship was that we heard testimonies of some of the students being healed while listening to the Word of God.


I've always said there is great power in the Word of God. Jesus said that heaven and earth would pass away His Word would not. Truly His Word is the same today.

We had some students from last year and past years come to see us and tell us wonderful reports. Brother Walter taught on leadership.

people listening
People listen intently to the Gospel in Poltava meeting.
praying for Ira
Tony with Jairo lay hands on nterpreter Ira
as at the end of graduation she lost her voice.

Update on Sister Valentina who went through our school four years ago. She has opened 4 more churches now making a total of 19 since she graduated from the training school. She has trained other workers who are working with her helping her look after these 19 works. You are helping us support her and her workers with $150 per month. Our ministry (Abundant Life Crusades) is giving a total of $750.00 per month to support a total of 20 full time workers in Ukraine and Russia. This is an increase of $100.00 per month. We were able with your help give $5,500.00 for the School this year. This money is used mostly for housing the out of town students and feeding the students 3 times a day. The locals we only give the noon meal. Of all the times we have come to Ukraine, I have never enjoyed the ministry any better. God blessed in all we did.

tony preaching
Tony teaches with interpreter Natasha in Training School.

Thank you for your prayers for us.

God is raising up many soul winners from this school that will go to the front line of Evangelism.

Also helping in the graduation were Missionary Evangelist Harley Fiddler who is always a blessing in the school and outreach soul-winning ministry.

From Canada, we had Pastor Jairo Leandro of Bonnyville, Alberta along with his friend Bob Pool. They were a blessing in the School and in the outreach ministry. Brother Jairo has an interesting testimony in that when he was 15 years old he attended our meeting in Chicago and it was there that God called him and he surrendered his heart and life to Christ. Now he is pasturing the largest Slavic church in Western Canada.

graduation team
Graduation Ministry Team of Jairo Leandro, Tony Abram,
Walter Zygarewicz, and Harley Fiddler.

mission east team
Walter Zygarewicz, Marcie & Walter Labotski,
and Nick Krushnisky, fellow workers in our ministry team
for "Mission East Urkraine"

Other teachers who gave of their ministries to the school were my wife Marge Abram, Mike and Ann Brandebura of Edmonton, Canada, S. E. Morgan of Richmond, Indiana, Steven Battles of Alton, Illinois, Ernest Weaver of Fort Wayne, Indiana, Bob Harmon of Williamsburg, Virginia, Jim Beavers of Richmond, Virginia, Jim and Donna Moriarty of Albany, New York, Marcy and Walter Labocki of Pickerington, Ohio and several Ukrainian ministers

balcony filled
The balcony is filled with praising saints!

We cannot thank enough the wonderful teachers that came from USA and Canada during the 3 month of Basic Bible Training. God bless each one of them.

Walter would like to do a follow-up of a month with all the students that went through the schools to help encourage and put some more Word and Training into them later this year. We were able with Walter Zygarewicz to purchase two more building in Belarus, one in the village of Almany and the other is in the town of Pleahchenitsy, Belrus. The cost was $1,000.00 each.

tony preaching
Tony preaching with Ida interpreting

Our outreach ministry was wonderful. We saw many come to Christ in every service, up to 150 in a single service.

The gifts of the Spirit were in operation such as Healings, Word of Knowledge, Prophesy and Wisdom.

We saw hundreds receive healings and other needs met in Christ. We give all the Glory to Jesus.

Our biggest meetings were in Kharkov but also wonderful ministry in the city of Patova and the towns of Merefa and Lozovaya.

harley fidler
Harley Fiddler teaches with great enthusiasm.

jairo leandro
Jairo Leandro teaches the students.

It was a joy to meet people and workers that had received from the Lord in earlier ministry of last year etc. come and tell what God did for them.

It inspired hope in others to receive as they testified of what God did for them.

walter zygarewicz
Walter Zygarewicz teaches the Gospel with animation .

graduation class

books given out
Set of books given to each graduating student!


We believe that these are the last days when God is raising up many laborers for his harvest field. We will be going back to Ukraine in October for follow up. We also at that time will be holding three crusades in Eastern Ukraine. We believe God for a great harvest of souls. God bless you and your and for all you have done.  We believe this is the day of revival and hope that this Pictorial Good News Report will encourage you to believe with us for a mighty outpouring of God’s Spirit upon all flesh. We are workers together with Christ and do appreciate all you have done to help us. Pray that God will also use our ministry for His Glory. May God bless you and yours for your prayers and part in our outreaches!
taking notes
Students taking notes.
9 year old5 year old
9 year old Mark wants to preach. A 5 year old learning to praise God!

Svetlana, former rocket scientist for USSR,
now cooks for the visiting teachers for $3 per day
praise and worship
A time of praise and worship before the graduation exercises for the Class of 2002!
giving out diplomas pastor vitaly
Giving out diplomas and shaking hands with grads. |  Pastor Vitaly challenges the students. His church now has over 3,000 people.
oldest studentbob pool
Our oldest student receives her diploma with great joy from Walter. Bob Pool shares some of his testimony with students.
merefa meeting annointing with oil
Souls coming to Christ during the Merefa meeting.  | Anointing with oil and praying for these grads for service.

grad students
Grads hold up their gifts of study books with joy!

kolotiyi  reshitilovka
<-- (left) This former store building and lot in Kolotiyi, Ukraine was purchased for $1,000.00.
--> (right) Five large rooms were purchased for $2,900.00 along with large storage room in Reshitilovka.

This huge property was purchased for $30,000 by Pastor Peter and his church
who also have over 3,000 members in Kharkov, but large enough for 15,000 people.

Thank you for your prayers as we are workers together with Christ.
Tony and Marge Abram.

Information on the country of Ukraine!

Ukraine is a republic in Eastern Europe, bounded by Belarus to the north; Russia to the north and east; the Black Sea and the Sea of Azov in the south; on the southwest by Romania and Moldova; and on the west by Hungary, Slovakia, and Poland. Formerly the Ukrainian Soviet Socialist Republic (SSR) of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics (USSR), Ukraine is a founding member of the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS), which in December 1991 succeeded the USSR. Kiev is the capital and largest city. Ukraine is the second largest country in Europe after Russia, with a total area of about 603,700 sq km. (About 370,000 sq. miles)

Almost the entire country of Ukraine is a vast flat plain, with elevations generally below 300 m. (1000 feet) The Carpathian Mountains intrude at the extreme west, and on the southern coast of the Crimean Peninsula are the Crimean Mountains. The climate is temperate continental, with a subtropical Mediterranean climate in the southern portions of the Crimean Peninsula. The average monthly temperature in winter ranges from -8° to 2° C (17.6° to 35.6° F), while summer temperatures average 17° to 25° C (62.6° to 77° F).

Ukraine has extremely fertile black-earth soils in the central and southern portions, totaling nearly two-thirds of the territory. Much of the original wildlife has also disappeared, but many animal species still remain. Ukraine has the second highest population of countries in the former USSR, with an estimated population of 51,867,828 in 1995. Only Russia has more people. Ethnic Ukrainians make up 73 percent of the population, while Russians have 22 percent of the population. Other minorities include Belarusians, Moldavians, Hungarians, Bulgarians, Poles, and Crimean Tatars.

Ukrainian is a Slavic language closely related to Russian, and is the official language, although Russian is widely spoken. Kharkiv, city, capital of eastern Ukraine, at the junction of the Kharkiv, Lopan, and Udy rivers. A large city and chief industrial and transportation center, Kharkiv (also called Kharkov), is located near the rich coalmines and is linked by railroad to the iron ore deposits of Kryvyy Rih. (Crooked Horn and is the longest city in the world, but very narrow.) Manufactures include farm and mining machinery, electric and railroad equipment, chemicals, machine tools, and processed food. Kharkiv is a city of broad avenues and large buildings. The city is the site of a university, scientific research centers, and several theaters and museums.

Kharkiv was founded in 1656 as a fortress protecting Moscow from the Tatars. The city grew as a trade and cultural center, and in 1765 it became the administrative center of Ukraine. With the development of the vast mineral wealth of the region in the late 19th century, Kharkiv developed into an industrial and rail transportation center. During World War I Kharkiv was the scene of heavy fighting, first between German and Russian troops and later (1917-20) between opposing forces in the Russian Revolution. It was the capital of the Ukrainian Soviet Socialist Republic from 1920 to 1934, when it was replaced by Kiev. During World War II Kharkiv was occupied (1941-43) by German troops and suffered severe damage. Population estimate) 2,018,000.

WHY DO UKRAINIANS CELEBRATE Christmas on January 7th rather than December 25th? Many people wonder why the Ukrainian date is thirteen days later and only a few people are aware that it is related to a change from the calendar which was in use two thousand years ago. The Roman calendar that had been in use since the eighth century B.C. originally started the year on March 1 and had 10 months as the names of the months themselves indicate, September (7), October (8), November (9) and December (10). Eventually two months were added, Januarius and Februarius, and the year was started on January. However, it was only 355 days long so it had over ten days error and the seasons and the calendar over the years continued to lose there correct relationship.

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