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Tony and Marge abram
Abundant Life Crusades

Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today and forever!   


Abundant Life Crusades
Tony and Marge Abram have been preaching the Good News for over 51 years!

Vol 45 #3

Marge and I counted it a great privilege to teach and graduate 95 students of the approximately 150 who did take the course at the 21st Bible Training School.


Tony & Marge Abram

It was 3 months earlier Marge and I followed Evangelist Marcy Labocki to Kharkov, Ukraine. Now we had the opportunity to give them their last week of teaching, test and graduate them. These are now new soldiers of faith going out to evangelize and plant new churches.

Marge teaches the Word of God! | Our School Director Brother Constantin prays for the class

Tony Abram preaches in
crusade service

The students taking their last test given by Tony Abram. Note the heavy clothes on them.

We believe that not only in Ukraine but into other parts of the world. One thing Ukrainians can do is go to the Muslim countries to take the gospel. North Americans are not able to enter most Muslim countries with the Word of God. We must pray for them!

Tony gives out the certificates to those
who qualified to receive them.

It was so cold that Tony had to keep his hat on.

Pastor Vilaliy, Marge and Nadia

Anointing with oil and praying over all the students.
There were about 150.


Tony sharing some of his
testimony with teenagers

This student is so happy he kisses
Tony on his cheek!


Building # 137 in Vladimirovka, Ukraine. We gave $1,000 toward the purchase. The local saints are raising the rest.

We believe these workers will make a great impact on the Work of God.

We are praying God will raise up great soul winners among them. Marge and my last week of teaching was on Personal Evangelism, Revival and Evangelism.

They drank in the Word. In addition we had soul winning services in Kharkov. God confirmed His Word and gave us precious souls.

 Our ministry?s investment was $1,500.00.In the Poltava and Kharkov provinces, we are partially supporting 53 workers who are in the ministry of soul winning.  The cost is low, $1,300.00 per month but you and I are making it possible for 53 workers to get that little something each month to keep them going in fulltime ministry.

Building #138 in Panyutino, Ukraine.
We gave $1,000.00 towards it.

Thank you for your faith and prayers that make this possible.

We thank the ministers from USA, UK and Canada who have taught and helped support the Schools.

With out them we could not do it. While Marge and I were graduating the students in Kharkov, Walter Zygarewicz was at the same hour doing the same in Krasnodar, Russia at School # 22.

Building #139 with a big lot. We gave $1,000.00 toward the purchase. The remaining $350 needed is raised by the local church in the village of Mirnoye, Ukraine

We will report more next month on that school. We were able for $5,000.00 to purchase 5 more buildings and lots for local churches in Ukraine.

This now makes a total of 141 buildings this ministry has purchased in the last 13 years for local churches. You have made this possible with your faith and prayers. We will be telling of six other purchases next month in Russia.

We want to especially thank Pastor Darrell Peregrym and his church in Langley, BC, Canada for their great help in making these purchases possible.  You also have a part as you stand with us in this ministry of reaching out to the Lost!

Building #140 in the town of Litovka, Ukraine.
We gave $1,000.00 toward the purchase.
The local church is to do the rest of the cost.

 Marge and I have lived, traveled and ministered by faith for 45 years in more than 125 countries.

We have always tried to lift up Jesus, give Him all the Glory and be faithful Stewards.

Your prayers and faith have carried us. We are truly workers together with Christ.

Building #141 and large lot cost $1850.00.
We gave $1,000.00 on it in the village of Rubezhnoye, Ukraine

We thank God for the wonderful teachers that came and helped with the school in Kharkov, Ukraine.

In addition to Marge and me, we had Walter and Marcy Labocki, Jim Seregow, Joe and Rose Aksenchuk and Darrell Peregrym.

Without them, it would have been difficult.

 God bless you all. Tony & Marge Abram.

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